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The future is now: using intelligent automation and process optimization in digital sales to increase revenue is possible today – and will be standard procedure tomorrow. It’s time to accelerate the process of digital transformation with ADTELLIGENCE and unleash the full potential of Big Data, real-time analysis and AI to boost your business.

Analyze & Learn

What are your customers looking for? We analyze your data and extract useful insights into behavioral patterns and customer needs.


Automate & Personalize

We use the latest generation of AI technology to automatically optimize content in real-time. Good riddance to static websites and AB testing – the time for wholly personalized customer experiences has come.


Boost Sales & Drive Revenue

Get started now and make the most of your resources. We have already boosted more than 200 projects using AI and Big Data – with clear and measurable success in terms of sales numbers.


Your benefits

  • Drive your online revenues through Big Data, customer intelligence and
    real-time personalization. Your sales performance will permanently
    improve in every aspect.
  • Discover new insights about your focus group! Learn how exactly
    your customers behave on your website today and use
    that knowledge to optimize your digital sales strategy.
  • Make the most of your ad budget and place advertisement
    more efficiently to increase the ROI of your digital
    sales campaigns considerably.
  • Turn new customers into loyal customers! Improving your sales approach
    and customer relations results in more conversions and
    satisfied customers who will buy more of your products.
  • Generate additional revenue from existing customers by analyzing their
    transaction data und learn what products and services might be of interest to them.
  • More appointments for you sales experts: Increasing the number
    of quality customer meetings will increase
    the efficiency of your sales department.
  • Identify customers who have looked at one of the products on your website
    but didn’t end up buying it.
  • Reduce operational costs of your service centers by using
    personalized text for existing customers on your website.


We’re at your side, always



AI as a Service

In the first quarter of 2019 will launch our AI as a Service offering. Clients can use Adtelligence Phoebe to directly optimize CRM data, transaction data, behavioral and other context data. Every client application can be connected via API and transmit data to our server that sends back the results automatically. This solution enables our clients to use our AI within their own infrastructure.


Customer Intelligence Solutions for The Automotive Industries

We developed an individual solution specifically designed for automobile manufacturers that enables our clients to predict future global car sales based on user behavior, car configuration and customer requests.

Using our technology, sellers and manufacturers get the chance to identify new trends early and optimize their supply chains and sales strategies accordingly.


A New Generation of Predictive Analytics

In 2017, we launched the Adtelligence Sales Intelligence Platform, a new machine learning software that predicts the next best action for each customer individually.

The resulting insights are based on CRM and transaction data. Predictive analytics allows multichannel marketing optimization and further boosts clients’ revenues.


Keep the innovations coming

As a tech pioneer company, Adtelligence was eager to pursue the development of AI-based software solutions from the start. We not only developed efficient machine learning algorithms, but also launched our own neural net in order to optimize conversion rates of websites and personalize their contents. Our new product “Pathfinder” was also launched in 2016. It was designed to visualize and analyze website traffic in real-time and gain insights into the behavior of different user groups and traffic segments.

With our Personalization Cloud, we managed to increase our clients’ conversion rates significantly – and new version of our software was already in development


Leading The Way to Personalization

More than 100 clients in different industries – and counting! There was a growing awareness that personalization is a powerful tool to increase leads and revenues. With our Personalization Cloud, we managed to increase our clients’ conversation rates significantly. The journey continues with the next award: Deloitte Technology Fast50



Rising Star with international Success

Adtelligence won the Technology Pioneer Award at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Famous companies like Google, Dropbox and Twitter had been awarded this title in the past. The Technology Pioneer community consists of startups and young companies that create new technologies and innovations with great economical and societal impact.


Silicon Valley, Here We Come!

The Adtelligence Personalization Cloud is born: “Big data” became huge, and we were able to acquire more clients for the Adtelligence Personalization Cloud – a newly launched product. Our first invitation to NOAH conference in San Francisco gave us the possibility to compare our innovation potential to tech startups from Silicon Valley. At the end of 2012 we were chosen to visit Silicon Valley as part of the “German Silicon Valley Accelerator” program


Yes we can

In 2011, Adtelligence became the first Facebook ad partner in Germany with its own advertising platform for agencies. A team at Adtelligence still continues to optimize Facebook Ads for agencies we have been working with for years. In 2011, we were awarded the “German Award for Online Communications” in the Startups category for our first version of the Personalization & Targeting Engine. We connected the Europapark portal with Facebook Connect and personalized the customer experience based on age, gender, location and other parameters.



Right on Track

In 2010, we were invited to the Intel Berkeley Startup Challenge in the Silicon Valley and reached the 3rd place hot on the heels of several “green energy” startups from the bay area. It was clear that, from a Silicon Valley perspective, we were on track with our vision. The first product, our Social Advertising Platform was released in 2010 after only one year of development. Our software was available even before Facebook launched its own advertising solution. The Social Advertising Platform was created to provide social networks with a fully automated advertising platform that included audience targeting. By the end of 2010, Facebook had completely taken over the market. We knew immediately that we’d have to latch on to that.


Our Journey Begins

The company was officially founded on May 4th in 2009. The first angel investors were found after taking part in the “Business Plan Challenge Baden-Württemberg” and several pitching events in Germany.


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