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About Us

Makes big Data Real

Michael Altendorf and his team established an outstanding company that received several prices. Adtelligence was awarded as „FAST 50 Rising Star“ by Deloitte and is a Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum.

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ADTELLIGENCE: Personalization Experts


We change

Adtelligence, a German technology company, was founded in 2009. The Adtelligence Personalization Cloud, a SaaS solution, optimizes the user experience of e-commerce shops, mobile sites and online portals by leveraging big data and machine learning.

The results are a higher customer satisfaction and increased shop revenues on an average of 25%!

Proven Success


In 2014, Adtelligence was awarded the FAST 50 Rising Star of Deloitte. Appointed in 2013, Adtelligence is also a Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum and shares this status with companies such as Airbnb, NEST, Twitter and Google.

Among international competitors, in 2010  Adtelligence won the third prize at the Intel+UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge (IBTEC) for innovative product ideas in the technology sector.

Since January 2013, Adtelligence has been part of the German Silicon Valley Accelerator Program. This initiative is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and supports german tech startups with high growth potential in entering the high-tech region Silicon Valley.

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Senior Management


Doing something that has never done before, or solving a problem that seemed insolvable.
– that’s what inspires us. Everyday!

Michael Altendorf

Michael Altendorf
Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Altendorf - LinkedIn

David Burger Portrait

David Burger


Cynthia Angeles Raina

Cynthia Raina
Alliances & HR



Carolin Hercegfi



Ben König



Alex Gordt


Marko Grässlin
System Integration

Advisory Board

Growing fast needs the courage to disrupt established structures through innovation and to assert themselves in the face of opposition.

Our advisory board supports our approach with professional expertise, commitment and devotion to grow Adtelligence day by day.

Dieter Matheis

Chairman of the Board, former SAP AG CFO (from 1982-2002 including Frankfurt and Wall Street IPO’s)

Harold Mechelynck

Investor and Co-Founder OGONE

Udo Schork

Investor, former Founder and CEO of OCS Software

Extended Management & Advisory

David Burger, Mgmt

former CEO of technology and software companies

Frank Unger

Sales, former VP Sales Salesforce

Dr Cyrille Waguet

Co-Founder, Architecture

Dr Oliver Frick

Tech Advisor, SAP Tech Evangelist

Carsten Thoma

Expansion, Co-Founder Hybris (now SAP)

Extended Management & Advisory

Specialists who challenge, accompany and critically question our path.

Company History

The History of Innovation

Our journey started in 2009, and included everything it takes to become a successful company: stressful times, a lot of approvals, exciting events,  inspiring relationships and much more!

Adtelligence Personalization Cloud 4.0 –  over 100 Customers


Adtelligence now boasts more than 100 customers in different industries – and this trend is rapidly growing! As a tool to increase leads and revenues,  personalization has reached the exectuive floors of online retailers. With the current Version 4, Adtelligence has delivered the solution to put these demanding tasks into practice. Version 5 is already on the way – the journey into the world of personalization has just begun!

Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star


Adtelligence was recognized as a Rising Star. During the period evaluated,  Adtelligence’s revenue growth exceeded 500 percent. The results proved that we suceeded repeatedly with our technology-based business model as a SaaS-provider.


ADTELLIGENCE now officially a WEF Technology Pioneer 2014


Famous companies like Google, Dropbox or Twitter held that title before. The selection committee for this prize reads like the who’s who in innovation and technology. From Stanford and Harvard professors to Telecommunication Enterprise CEOs,  internet poster children including Marissa Meyer, the new Yahoo CEO and one of the first Google employees.


International Success

Adtelligence expands across different countries in Europe as well as the US, while it starts exploring the Asian marketplaces.

The Adtelligence Personalization Cloud is born

The big data trend started, and we acquired more clients for the Adtelligence Personalization Cloud – officially launched as separate product


First NOAH

Our first speaking invitation to NOAH San Francisco & a our own booth allowed us to check our innovation and disruption factor against Silicon Valley tech startups.


Silicon Valley here we come!

At the end of 2012 we were selected to visit Silicon Valley together with the German government program “German Silicon Valley Accelerator”. This married the German engineering “made in Germany” quality mindset and the spirit of “Everything is possible” in Silicon Valley

Our first Award in Germany

In 2011 we were also awarded the “German prize for online communication” in the startup category for the first version or our personalization & targeting engine. We connected Facebook and an ecommerce/CMS Platform and personalized the user experience directly, based on the user’s age, gender, location and more.

Our first product

The first product: the social advertising platform was finally shipped after 1 year of development.


On track

At the end of 2010, and after a 5 level application process, we were invited to the Intel Berkeley Startup Challenge and were awarded 3rd place hot on the heels of several “green energy” startups from the bay area. The startup guru Steve Blank shook our hands and it was clear that we were on track with our vision – at least from a Silicon Valley perspective.

Every journey begins with a first step

The company was officially founded on May 4th as a German “GmbH”. Our first office was in the Mafinex Technologiezentrum were we rented one single room.



After taking part in the Baden-Württemberg Connected business plan challenge and several pitching events in Germany and a visit to Silicon Valley the first angel investors were found: Udo Schork & Jürgen Greulich


On track

The trip to Silicon Valley included Venture Capital Speed Dating at the Stanford Entrepreneurship week. This was eye-opening in highlighting just how huge the potential of a startup can be. The spirit of Silicon Valley that we experienced on this trip was bottled – we have tried to distill it in our culture and adapt it to our company.

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About Adtelligence

Adtelligence is a German technology company that specializes in the optimization of eCommerce applications and customer intelligence solutions on the basis of machine learning.

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