Developers with a heart – Software with a mind

We are Adtelligence, software developers with passion.

At our home, Philosophenplatz in Mannheim, we focus on helping companies from around the world improve their sales processes by focussing on what is substantial: Their customers. We therefore find and exploit the treasures that are hidden in data.

How it works? With the help of Artificial Intelligence, which analyzes data, automatically optimizes websites and sales activities and, thereby, continiously keeps learning. As a result, customers receive precisely what they want – perfectly timed and placed in the exact right form.

Our software solutions are the tools. We are pleased to help you accurately apply these tools.

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Telephone: +49 (0) 621 59 23 41 0
Philosophenplatz 1
68165 Mannheim


Telephone: +49 (0) 621 59 23 41 0
Philosophenplatz 1
68165 Mannheim


c/o BCC Kommunikations GmbH
Telephone: +49 (0)69 2474 6001
Eschersheimer Landstraße 14
60322 Frankfurt am Main


c/o Betahaus Hamburg
Eifflerstraße 43
22769 Hamburg

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We at Adtelligence love what we do. Our enthusiasm is reflected in our work and company culture. We encourage every colleague to incorporate their own ideas and support personal as well as collective advancement. This includes linguistic, athletic and cultural offerings. Shared success is built through enjoyment of work.


Support and creative exchange are essential to us – not only inside our company but we also want to give it back to the world around us. We are co founders of the regional Entrepreneurship Club and initiator of Technology Ventures Conferences. Moreover, you can find us as lecturers at various Business Schools, such as Mannheim, Berkley and Barcelona and as organizers of TEDx converences. We are furthermore present at fairs like TechCrunch and the Digital Agenda Group of the World Economic Forum (WEF) European Business Council.

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We at Adtelligence are as flexible as our software is agnostic: Open to all ideas, plattforms, devices and desires. Our technology is the core but value is only added, when customer needds are recognized and met. This is why we have a strong service orientation and focus on the business of our customers.


Visible customer journeys and save customer data




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Make customer journeys visible: With the newly developed ADTELLIGENCE Pathfinder we visualize click and purchase behavior of website users. Customer journeys can be recorded live and potential identified. With just a few clicks, customer profiles are clearly segmented – from comprehensive overviews to individual user journeys.

GDPR check: A prerequisite for processing user data is consent under data protection law. Our new software helps by automatically checking data and evaluating the opt-ins in real time – at a glance.


AI as a service for everyone: captures the market

Our new AI solution enters the market. Cloud based, usable out of the box. Data are being sent to the ADTELLIGENCE server via a interface and evaluated in real time. Real time analyses and recommendations follow. Uncomplicated AI for everyone, independet of the IT infrstructure.


Car manufacturers and Sparkassen become major AI clients

ADTELLIGENCE becomes a partner of the automotive industry. An individually developed AI solution from ADTELLIGENCE makes reliable prediction of global car sales possible. In cooperation with the Sparkassen finance portal in Berlin, Sparkassen PIA is being introduced. Online content can flexibly be tailored and presented to users.


Next generation prediction tools

The ADTELLIGENCE Sales Intelligence Plattform launches. A milestone in CRM. Self-learning AI systems (Machine Learning) can predict Next Best Actions based on customer and transaction data


AI innovations and awards

Besides the Machine Learning algorithms, Adtelligence launches a new Neural Network. The Adtelligence Personalization Plattforms is acclaimed as BEST OF at the 2016 industry price. Adtellicene is being elected into the leading group of the IT innovation price. With Visitor Journey, Adtelligence brings a new product to the market which analyzes the behaviour of website users.


ADTELLIGENCE to become Rising Star

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Award annually elects the fastest growing technology companies. Adtelligence is awarded for it’s growth of more than 500%.


Awarded from the World Economic Forum

Annually the WEF awards the predicate Technology Pioneer for especially promising technical innovations. In 2014 Adtelligence becomes Technology Pioneer and is now in the best company: Big players such as Google, Dropbox or Twitter have been amongst the early laureates.


ADTELLIGENCE as a star in Silicon Valley

ADTELLIGENCE is being invited to the most important conference of the IT industry. The CEOs speak at NOAH in San Francisco and establish valuable contacts to Silicon Valley Startups. The ADTELLIGENCE Personalization Clod is launched as autonomous product and increasingly attracts customers that have discovered the benefit of Big Data.


ADTELLIGENCE becomes Facebook partner

Facebook makes ADTELLIGENCE the first ad partner in Germany with an own advertising platform for agencies. A cooperation that lasts up until today.

The first version of the Personalization and Targeting Engine receives the German Price for online communication


Amongst the best in Berkeley

After just one year of development, our first product is ready: The Social Advertising Platform, a fully automated advertising platform with targeting for Social Media. Facebook soon follows with their own solution. At the Intel Berkeley Startup Challenge, Adtelligence faces the competition from Silicon Valley and ranks 3rd.


First Angel to start

On May 4th the Adtelligence GmbH is founded. The aim: To establish AI as the company’s future and be a pioneer. Support from an angel investor is found at once.



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