Stay ahead of the competition with personalized customer targeting
for campaigns, online store and portal

Adtelligence supports telecommunication providers in different phases of the customer lifecycle from new customer acquisition, onboarding to anti-churn campaigns

Personalized and dynamic store optimization for more customer satisfaction

Online sales in the telecommunications industry are more dynamic than in almost any other industry. On the one hand, the offering is constantly changing, e.g., with new smartphones or new rates. On the other hand, customers can quickly switch from one provider to another due to the wide range of offers and low switching costs.
To prevail in such an environment, telecommunications providers must be able to respond dynamically to the changes and make each customer an individually optimized offer.
For one thing, not all customers are the same. While one is looking for a straightforward solution for all requirements, another may be looking for a super-cheap offer. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to understand the website visitors in detail.
On the other hand, the online store must also be able to respond dynamically to each customer. However, due to the inflexibility of today’s store systems, an extremely large amount of time and money is already invested even for small changes and renewals. This is neither fast nor efficient.

How Adtelligence helps telecom providers grow

Increase the effectiveness of your
online sales

Increase the effectiveness of your online sales many times over through automation

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from fully automated conversion optimization and personalization through the use of machine learning & artificial intelligence

Generation of strategic competitive advantages

Generate a strategic competitive advantage by leveraging Big Data and personalization

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Use Cases entlang des Customer Lifecycles

Typical use cases where Adtelligence supports you

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Example use cases in detail

Target group optimized homepage

Your homepage is visited by different target groups. Address each potential customer in a personalized way by showing them the information & products that are relevant to them. Do you address different segments in your campaigns? Then you can simply pick this up again on the website.

Personalized landing pages for new smartphones

Optimized target pages, i.e. landing pages that are individualized according to target group, device, day of the week, etc., increase the probability of sales. Offer your customers products that are individually tailored to the respective target group with the help of AI and thus increase smartphone sales.

Churn Prevention & Reduction of Call Center Costs

Use artificial intelligence to find out early on which customers are at risk of being terminated and counteract the termination at an early stage. Increase the effectiveness of your call center and reduce call center costs by having your call center staff call the right customers at the right time with the right message.

Increase sales through optimized rate detail pages

Personalized rate detail pages, which are individualized according to the target group, increase the relevance for your target group due to the accuracy of the information. Offer your customers suitable rates with the help of AI and thus increase the sale of new contracts.

Personalized up- and cross-sells for existing customers

Automate the sale of your add-on products, such as partner cards, by using your customers’ profiles to offer each customer suitable add-on products, at the right time, via the right channel.

Individually optimized checkouts for every user

From clicking on an online ad to signing a contract, there are different paths used by your target groups. Find out the most relevant click paths for your target groups with Adtelligence. Understand user behavior and navigation patterns on your website to identify optimization potential.

Success Stories

Project procedure

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Your advantages at a glance

Fast time-to-value

Start risk-free in weeks and achieve fast time-to-value with our automated solutions to maximize ROI

Smarte Integration

Adtelligence solutions are flexible, fast & easy to integrate into any infrastructure via APIs and standard interfaces
– DSGVO compliant and adhering to the highest security standards

Relief of resources

Save resources through low staff involvement, data-friendly implementation of projects, and increased usability of solutions

Technical integration into your IT landscape

Intergation into your web, app and mobile portals via standard plugins and APIs is easy.

Integration with your master data mgmt software, CRM and sales databases easily via API, CSV sync or custom solution.

 Integration with your sales and marketing systems – here we offer any plugins, APIs or customer solutions on request.

For more integration options, please visit our Support Center:

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