Data-based customer interaction via real-time triggers

The demand for a unique customer experience and the need for a personalized customer approach are constantly increasing. This is applicable in all industries: Customers expect to be addressed at the right moment via the right channel with the appropriate message.  In order for such an individual interaction to succeed, it is necessary to precisely … Continued

Understanding customers better without third-party cookies

The online marketing industry is currently discussing Google’s decision to no longer allow third-party cookies in the Chrome browser from 2023. With this, Google will change tracking – and the way companies advertise online and distribute personalized content.

Customer activation with welcome emails

The customer relationship usually begins with a registration. Be it for an online store, a newsletter or for the trial version of a product. Companies often respond with a standardized welcome e-mail. But registration is already a success!

Win leads as customers with email retargeting

The customer journey is a journey that often does not go as planned by the tour guide: When shopping online, a full three out of four customers bail out before completing the purchase, leaving behind a half filled shopping cart, according to a study by the Baymard Institute.