We define what’s possible. It is our mission to revolutionize digital sales technologically and economically with the help of AI. We are a pioneer in personalizing and optimizing websites and continue to create trends. For that, we need you!



Flat organization and
open communication

Flexible working hours,
part-time possible


Plenty of room to develop ideas, creativity and proactivity

Mentoring and



Park nearby

Team events


Bicycles for all employees

Pets are welcome


Healthy breakfast
Every Day

Company lunch
once a week

Sportive activities
with colleagues

Health care

Plenty of Room for Your Ideas

We live and work in the center of Mannheim. Our team of 50 people is highly diverse, but everyone is pursuing the same ambitious goal. Careers at ADTELLIGENCE are not always linear. We give each team member the chance to grow and develop their skills and know-how according to their personal interests and strengths. We’re not only looking for experienced Pros, but welcome interns, student employees and trainees as well.

My job as part of the media team enables me to take on greater responsibility and handle exciting and challenging tasks. There’s a lot to learn and so much to try out. Most importantly, there is not the one way to do things correctly, but rather a variety of possible approaches. This enables me to develop my potential and support my team in my very own way.

At ADTELLIGENCE, I get to balance career and child care perfectly. After maternity leave, I could simply return to my old job and have taken over all my previous responsibilities and even working on completely new projects. My male colleagues, of course, are also entitled to take parenting leave.

My main job at ADTELLIGENCE is to enhance Artificial Intelligence. I develop algorithms that are meant to improve the performance of our clients’ websites. To me as a developer, that’s a very fascinating field of work.

I started my career at ADTELLIGENCE in 2011 with an internship. I was able to use my experience in many differente departments and today I am in charge of further developing our product together with our developing team.

Our software is complex and is constantly being enhanced by our development team. This is always quite challenging for me and my team when in direct contact with our clients. It is fascinating and for me it poses a new challenge again and again.

Current Job Vacancies

No matter whether you’re a software developer, banker or sales mastermind
– if you want to help us revolutionize digital sales, we look forward to your application.


We strive to improve all the time – and for that we need talents and people who want to grow with us. Apply proactively if no suitable job can be found in our job vacancies. Tell us about yourself and how you want to contribute to our success.


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