The Adtelligence technology is utilized for the optimization and personalization of websites. The system analyzes the context and behavior of the user. For that reason cookies are used. Adtelligence stores no personal data with these cookies. They only serve for the temporary user recognition during a visit. The data collected by Adtelligence will not be merged with transaction data of other websites and is only available to the provider of the website that uses the Adtelligence technology.

If you don’t want to participate in the Adtelligence personalization you can use the opt-out functionality provided below. This assures that you will not be identified or tracked by the Adtelligence technology in future and will not take part in any personalization projects.

The opt-out functionality stores an opt-out cookie in your browser. This cookie is only valid for your current browser, but not for a specific user. Therefore you have to opt-out with every single computer or browser you use. If you remove your cookies, the Adtelligence opt-out cookie will be deleted and you have to repeat the opt-out process.

Click here to opt out.

Additionally, the Adtelligence technology respects Do Not Track (DNT). If you activate Do Not Track in your browser, you will not be identified or tracked in any Adtelligence system. This functionality is given independently from using the opt-out functionality with cookies explained above.