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Our customers are our proof! We are proud to be the strategic partner in eCommerce for many companies.

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Adtelligence as a strategic personalization partner

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with Adtelligence we permanently optimize congstar's landing pages -
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Janina Reinhardt
Managerin Website / congstar GmbH

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Bernd Stieber
Managing Director / netzeffekt GmbH

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Our clients’ feedback is our most valuable reference

Christian Wolf Member of the Management Board Autohaus24
Our customers are not A or B, they are all individuals. With Adtelligence, we are able to deliver personalized landing pages that are best suited to each visitor and thus generate higher revenues.
Autohaus24 GmbH is one of the biggest trading platforms for new car purchases on the internet. To improve the customer experience and simplify the buying process, Adtelligence personalized their landing pages based on their Google AdWords campaigns and created target groups that related to specific Keywords. The result was a shortened sales funnel that overnight increased their conversion rates.
Paolo Broussar Social Marketing Lead, Europe EBAY
Adtelligence has become a valuable solution for the personalization of our landing pages. We show more relevant products to our visitors, strengthen customer loyalty and gather every day new insights about our customer’s needs.
eBay Inc. is an American multinational Internet corporation with operations localized in over thirty countries. The company manages the world’s leading auction site, an online auction and shopping website. To support their strategy for sustained growth, eBay partnered with Adtelligence to enhance landing page personalization by combining their CRM data with Facebook data. The resulting, highly personalized customer experience has led to increased conversion rates and revenues, and delivered valuable analysis of users’ behavior.
Thomas Curran Senior Manager Online Marketing, AUTO SCOUT 24
Personalization is an important element for our success in performance marketing. With Adtelligence we are able to implement this discipline even more successful.
Autoscout24 is the largest online car-market Europe-wide and generates a big amount of its user base through Adwords. Our product filtering by the exact search term alone provides a huge improvement. With a better match of cars and user interest, users click on less cars but then show higher interest in purchasing cars.
Sinisa Preradovic Head of B2C Sales, ADVANZIA
Besides the very well cooperation with Adtelligence, we particularly appreciate the possibility of optimizing the conversion of our marketing activities with dynamic landing pages.
Advanzia Bank S.A. is a direct bank headquartered in Luxemburg, serving the German and Luxemberg market. Adtelligence is helping the Advanzia Bank to generate more leads for their free of charge MasterCard Gold via Google AdWords.
Alena Müller-Hörmann Head of Performance Marketing, TRAVIAN
With Adtelligence we found a solution how to optimize our worldwide traffic on a very individual basis which is a great opportunity for us.
Travian Games is one of the biggest European browser game developers serving up to 42 languages in over 200 countries worldwide. With the Personalization Cloud and its multivariate testing and machine-learning algorithms, Travian was able to test hundreds of different layout and content variations automatically. Besides the conversion uplift, Travian gathered key insights about their customers due to Adtelligence’s sophisticated Business Intelligence reporting.
Christian Solmecke LL.M. Lawyer, WBS LAW
Adtelligence helped us to unlock a huge potential of value creation. Using precise and automated testing methods we were able to gather complete new insights about our customer base and react accordingly.
Wilde Beuger Solmecke (WBS Law) targets users through Adwords, which were fined for filesharing and speeding by other law firms or state attorneys. Using the Personalization Cloud WBS Law is able to differentiate user by urgency and regionality. A specialty in this case is the tracking of calls as conversions. We are working together with an agency to track phone calls and integrate their tracking with the Personalization Cloud.
Monique Vincon Web Analytics & Search Engine, STA TRAVEL
Personalization and ongoing optimization of our website is a strategic issue within our marketing concept. The cooperation with Adtelligence supports us reaching our goals.
STA Travel is the world’s largest travel company for students and young professionals and generates a big part of its customer base online. Personalization with the Personalization Cloud has the highest potential when different elements of the landing page are optimized in combination: Product feed + layout + content optimization in combination lead to a significant increase of the conversion rate.

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