Professional Services

Even the best AI does not work all on it’s own. In order to successfully improve your business, the AI needs to be adjusted to each application area and applied to the right place. Adtelligence supports you – starting with analyzing potentials of your sales processes and developing a strategy, up until onboarding and tailored implementation of your business cases. We and our partners help you improve your digital competitiveness in sales with AI based software, trainings, customizing and full service consulting.

Strategy and Process Consulting

The digitalization affects living environments, leisure and consumer behaviour. Consumers are increasingly operating online and their expectations of purchasing processes are changing, just like the relationship between customers and companies. Covid has accelerated this development.

Companies thus come across new challenges. They face the tasks of transferring personal customer contact to the digital world, developing appropriate target-group-oriented offers and utilizing additional touch points with their customers.

Where does the greatest potential lie? How can a digital sales strategy exploit this potential? Which are directly applicable quick wins? And for which use cases can a rapid ROI be estimated? With more than 100 years of team experience in online marketing, CRM and Data Analytcis we are happy to support you in answering these questions!

Our strategy experts develop solutions for every business case and support you, step by step, in achieving your goals with the Adtelligence Platform.

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Onboarding & Enablement

We use a Discovery Workshop for analyzing your sales processes and identifying possible failures as well es sales potentials in your customer communication – across all touchpoints. Following a personalization roadmap, we make optimization possibilities visible and structure the course of action over the following months.

For assessment and onboaring, we use a standardized method, designed to maximize your success. For eacj use case we develop an individual concept and project plan. All you have to do is authorize the milestones, we take care of the professional execution for you. With this structure, we have successfully realized more than 300 use cases with our customers.

We continuously optimize every use case. This includes monitoring of the most important KPIs, as well as ongoing data evaluation to identify further potentials.

This could be another data point for optimization, an additional cross-sell in the application process or activation of a new marketing channel. The targeted use of such calculated potentials often leads to double-digit growth in conversion rates and significant increase in sales.


Technical Support, Integration & Setup

From connection of programming interfaces in your IT infrastructure to individual adjustment of features, dashobards and used data – the Adtelligence integration team has many years of experience with adaption of our software solutions to your areas of application. We help you close technologiecal gaps and contribute experience from a variety of implemented projects into every step of the process.

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On-Demand Production: Concept, Design or Content Creation

Personalizing the customer journey on your website follows a clear procedure with standardized steps – including the analysis, prioritization of use cases, determination of target groups, concept development, text creation, design of personalization variants, technical support and data science services up until the go-live and possible enhancements. Adtelligence has a professional team for every area that is available to you around the clock.

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Conversion Optimization & Personalization

Your customers have very individual needs and preferences. To make sure you adress them they way that works best for them, the Adtelligence Software automatically analyzes and evaluates available user and context data.
You get get more familiar with your customers and can utilize this knowledge for providing tailored solutions to the visitors on your websites and product pages. We help you adjust all touchpoints along the customer journey according to different customer preferencesand offer an optimized and personalized variant to each visitor.

We stand by you with our expertise during the enire cooperation: From understanding customer interests and selection of the right parameters up until creation and contiuous optimization of the presented variants.
Sie lernen Ihre Kunden besser kennen und können das Wissen nutzen, um den Besuchern Ihrer Web- und Produktseiten maßgeschneiderte Erlebnisse zu verschaffen. Wir helfen Ihnen dabei, die Touchpoints entlang der Customer Journey den verschiedenen Kundenpräferenzen anzupassen und jedem Besucher die für ihn optimierte, personalisierte Variante zu bieten.

Vom Verstehen der Kundeninteressen über die Auswahl der passenden Parameter bis zur Konzeption, Erstellung und kontinuierlichen Optimierung der ausgespielten Varianten stehen wir Ihnen in der Zusammenarbeit mit unserer Expertise zu Seite.

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Data Science as a Services

There are economic values ​​in the data of every modern company. Companies have been processing data for many years and now have large data pools. In order to obtain information from data points and realize values, they have to be freed from silos and utilized. Thereby, the decisive factor is not the amount of data, but the strategy of its processing.

The amount of potentially relevant information exceeds the human ability to process and apply it. Algorithms do not have these limitations. AI-based software is able to recognize patterns in data, derive probabilities for future events from the past and operate them automatically.

With Data Science as a Service we carry out data audits for you, develop data strategies with you and set up machine learning models that optimally fit your use cases.
Die Menge potenziell relevanter Informationen übersteigt die menschlichen Fähigkeiten, sie zu verarbeiten und anzuwenden bei weitem. Algorithmen kennen diese Limitierungen nicht. KI-basierte Software ist in der Lage, in Daten Muster zu erkennen, aus Vergangenheit Wahrscheinlichkeiten für zukünftige Ereignisse abzuleiten und automatisiert zu bedienen.

Mit Data Science as a Service führen wir für Sie Daten Audits durch, entwickeln mit Ihnen Daten-Strategien und setzen Machine Learning Modelle auf, die optimal zu Ihren Anwendungsfällen passen.

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Media Management and Services

Social Media Campaign Outsourcing

Do you want to plan social media campaigns despite not having the right resources? Or is your order situation so good that your own resources can no longer cover the workload? If so, Adtelligence media is the right partner for you.

We act as an outsource partner for media, digital and advertising agencies. We work in the background and deliver to the responsible planners and consultants without coming into direct contact with the agency customers.

For our agency partners, we manage social media budgets of several million per year and plan, optimize and report individual campaigns from +100 different brands. Based on our experience, we can manage both branding and pure performance campaigns in a target-oriented manner.
Wir agieren als Outsource Partner für Media, Digital- und Werbeagenturen. Dabei arbeiten wir im Hintergrund und liefern den verantwortlichen Planer*innen und Berater*innen zu, ohne direkt mit den Agenturkunden in Kontakt zu treten.

Für unsere Agenturpartner managen wir Social Media Budgets von mehren Millionen pro Jahr und planen, optimieren und reporten Einzelkampagnen von +100 verschiedenen Marken. Auf Basis unserer Erfahrung können wir sowohl Branding- als auch reine Performance-Kampagnen zielorientiert managen.

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Our services at a glance

  • Agency partner for social media advertising
  • Cooperation as a “white label” service provide
  • Clear performance orientation even with branding goals
  • More than 8 years of experience with long-term customers
  • Attractive Fee models for our partners
  • Support for +100 different brands
  • Competent and experienced in B2B and B2C
  • Agile team and lean processes
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What do I want to achieve?


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Brand Awareness

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What’s the best strategy?

Potential analysis

Campaign strategy

Performance forecast

Creative strategy

Remarketing strategy

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Where is the target audience?



Device usage

Post attribution

Sales funnel analysis

Ads analysis

Detailed reporting

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How do I achieve performance?


Bidding strategy

Optimization strategy

Key figure optimization

Creative optimization

Cloud, Data Lake and Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

You want to host your application in a private cloud environment with ISO certification?
Adtelligence is happy to advise you in your decision. Whether it be Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or rather a Private Cloud – a hotly debated topic. Adtelligence can call upon in-house competences. We find you the appropriate contact person amongst various providers and support you on your journey to the cloud.

There is no way around a modern IT infrastructure. But do you really need a Data Lake, special applicatons or an AI framework? And how can transformation proceed? Together with our partners we happily assist you in finding the right answers to these questions.

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