Adtelligence Services,
Everything you need for
Digital Transformation

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Adtelligence Services,
Everything you need for
Digital Transforamtion

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Our team of experts supports you in every step of optimizing your digital sales channels. We empower you to gain a longterm competitive advantage.

Together with our partners we provide an extensive service offering for the implementation and optimization of your digital sales strategy:

  • Business Case definition and Strategy Consulting

  • Concept and design

  • Web development and software implementation

  • Project Management

  • Ongoing optimization

  • Workshops and training

  • Media and Ad Management

Use our service and integration team, bring in your agency or
ask us for an introduction to one of our premium partners.

Strategy consulting for
digital transformation

New technologies and opportunities constantly challenge your strategy. We support you in refining and implementing your digital plan.

Your Benefits:

  • Adtelligence has more than 6 years of experience in working with decision makers in your industry
  • Our industry experts know the challenges as well as successful solutions in your industry
  • You get access to best practises and profit from our new and creative approaches

Big Data Management

Significant customer data volume and multiple data sources may become
confusing at times. We support you in using the right data
at the right time to improve your business

Your Benefits:

  • Adtelligence Big Data Management combines technological expertise and industry-specific solutions
  • Collecting Data doesn’t do the trick. We help you turn data into profits
  • All our data experts combined have more 100 years of experience in data management

Digital sales optimization

Personalization changes the game and significantly increases your sales and marketing ROI. We help you build your own roadmap for digital sales optimisation.

Your Benefits:

  • We always optimize with your customers in mind. That’s the only way to gain a longterm competitive edge
  • Our experts partner with you to build a optimization approach that meets your requirements
  • You also benefits from individual optimization reports for you and your senior management

Project Management

Your want to assure a smooth and efficient approach
towards personalization? Our project management team
delivers your project on time and with maximum quality.

Your Benefits:

  • Our project managers have extensive experience with personalization and optimization
  • Thanks to the use of innovative project management tools you stay up to date at any time
  • Your wish is our command. If your requirements chance we adapt immediately

Software Integration

Would you like to reduce risk and your dependencies on limited in-house resources? Leverage our integration team to reach your goal faster.

Your Benefits:

  • Our integration team is always up to date on the latest technological improvements
  • With its experience from over 150 integration projects our team knows how to avoid risks
  • At the same time our integrators train your team to bring new capabilities in-house


Do you need to establish in-house expertise for
personalization and optimization? We can help
you find and develop the right competencies

Your Benefits:

  • Our training teams are experts in technology-based digital sales optimization
  • Every organization is special. We individually adapt to your requirements and develop the perfect training plan for your team
  • While working with our training team your can still book our service teams to compensate for capacity shortages

Media and ad management

Do you need professional support in optimizing your performance campaigns? Use our media team and partner network to better match your campaigns with your personalized websites

Your Benefits:

  • Our media team and all our partners are leading optimization experts
  • Thanks to the focus on personalisation your campaigns get perfectly aligned with your target groups
  • You perfectly connect your Compacts with your website for a fully personalized customer journey