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Adtelligence awarded

Pioneer 2014

Allthough the selection process was extremely tough, Adtelligence asserted itself successfully against first class competitors from all over the world: In 2014 Adtelligence was awarded as Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum - a title companies like Google and Twitter held before.

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Technology Pioneer

Innovation from Germany

techpioneer02Adtelligence was announced as a Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum and thus been recognized for its potential to influence and shape future businesses and societies. Adtelligence is the only German company that passed the application process and stood up to the high demands of the Technology Pioneers requirements.

As a Technology Pioneer, Adtelligence joins the World Economic Forum’s community of pioneers, disruptors and innovators and helps other Forum members to better understand the future context of how business and society is being transformed.

Since 2000 the World Economic Forum chooses among hundreds of applicants a selected number of Technology Pioneers. The candidates are suggested and encouraged to apply by members, constituents and collaborators of the World Economic Forum and the public. The vast amount of applications is reviewed by a selection committee composed of top technology and innovation experts, venture capitalists and academics filtering out the most promising candidates and recommending them to the World Economic Forum.

Previous Technology Pioneers include Google (2001), Mozilla Corporation (2007), Wikimedia (2008), Twitter (2010), Dropbox (2012), SoundCloud (2013), Kickstarter (2012), Qifang (2009), MC10 (2013), TaKaDu (2011), NetQin (2011), BloomEnergy (2010), Recyclebank (2009), 23&Me (2008), MBA polymers (2007) and Monitise (2006)

Adtelligence makes Big Data work

Adtelligence provides eCommerce optimization & customer intelligence solutions that increase advertising effectiveness through machine learning, leading to improved conversion rates and increased revenue.

The Adtelligence Personalization Cloud is a cloud-hosted service that delivers real-time web page customization that personalizes and optimizes the user’s experience, taking advantage of customer demographics, social networking, and product interest information on any device & fully automated.


More information about the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers program can be found at

What makes Adtelligence unique? Here is the answer:


Adtelligence’s engagement was honoured at the Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2013 in Dalian, People’s Republic of China, from 11 to 13 September.